AVID.  TUESDAY OCT 25, 2016.  PERIOD 1-3.

PERIOD 1: AVID 9 - ROOM 504; PERIOD 2-3: AVID 10 - ROOM 507

A Bio-Inspired Approach to Engineering.  A look at how science and engineering unlock Nature's secrets to make a little a robot climb and give humans climbing powers, previously only the stuff of comic books.

PERIOD 1-2: AVID 12 - ROOM 506

Bringing Real-Time Single Molecule DNA "Sequencing by Synthesis" Into Healthcare Practice.  The science behind a technology that might transform the field of precision medicine.

PERIOD 1-2: AVID 11 - ROOM 505; PERIOD 3: AVID 9 - ROOM 504

How the Heck Do You Make a Wearable Holographic Computer That's Comfortable?!  Find out how we did it.

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