TUESDAY.  OCT 25, 2016.  10:40-11:30 AM.

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The Neuroscience of Stress and Trauma: Impact and Interventions.  This talk will review the neuroscience of stress and trauma, with implications for effective interventions and treatment approaches.

Choir Room (801)

Entering the medical profession is easier than you think.  Explore the EMT/Paramedic profession and get started in your medical career...what does happen after that 911 call?

Rm 312

Making drugs safe and effective.  How do we make sure pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices are safe and effective?  Learn about clinical trials process, and the operations team it takes to get drugs and medical devices into medical care!

Rm 313

Public health, disease prevention, and the failure of our health care system. Prevention is neglected in U.S. health care, increasing both medical costs and the burden of chronic disease. New strategies to prioritize prevention are needed to counter the misplaced belief that technological advances will solve our current health care problems.

Rm 410

Live according to your values - and get paid for it. Applying your skills in science, math, and engineering towards creating humanitarian technology solutions for those in the world who need it most.

Rm 408

Come learn about the top 3 adolescent health issues: eating, sleeping and acne! How to stay healthy and still have time for homework!

Rm 713

Making Discoveries with 23andMe.  Our mission is to help you learn about yourself and your family by accessing your own genetic information!

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Rm 710

DEMO: Come see "Marshmallow Man" and other Fun Vacuum Science Demos! This magic show will demonstrate surprising phenomena not seen at normal atmospheric conditions.

Rm 703

Molecular manipulations on the nanometer scale.  Influencing individual atoms and molecules.

Rm 311

Plant disease: Identifying deadly microorganisms.  What is it like to be a diagnostic plant pathologist? What kind of service do I provide, and who am I able to help? What technologies do I use?

Rm 716

Immunology and the science of fighting infections. How your immune system can prevent infections from causing disease.

Rm 701

Bioluminescence in the deep sea. Take a look into the mysterious lives of deep-sea animals and hear about one person's journey leading to life as a scientist.

Rm 712

Discovering an effective treatment for Parkinson's Disease. Want to understand how the study of cell biology is used in real life? This talk focuses on how scientists are using cell biology to identify drug targets in Parkinson’s Disease.

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Rm 719

Extreme Science in Antarctica.  Working in Antarctica is more like working on the moon than any place on earth.

Rm 708

Wetlands and the race against climate change.  Learn how one of the world's most important ecosystems can help save our planet.

Rm 707

The labor of bees: Unsung heroes in our ecosystem. Come learn about the struggles they face and what you can do to help them out.

Rm 702

Studying the secret life of sea otters: the world's cutest carnivore.  The key to healthy ecosystems may start with protecting predators. Math (the fun kind) is one of our most powerful tools for doing that!

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Music room (803)

Numenta: Creating Intelligent Machines.  I will talk about Numenta’s quest to understand the human brain and apply these principles to create intelligent machines.

Rm 709

Biomedical engineering: creating computer models of bones to aid with successful surgical repair. How can we be sure that a surgery has the effects we are looking for? Using computerized tomography and other tools, including computer-aided design, we simulate repairs on your bones to see how they behave under force.

Rm 723

Demystifying computer science and software engineering.  Come learn about real world applications and what it's like to work in the tech industry!

Rm 706

DEMO: Come and launch a water rocket! This will be a hands on experience facilitated by a "real" rocket scientist who worked at Lockheed Martin.

Rm 409

How the Heck Do You Make a Wearable Holographic Computer That's Comfortable?! Find Out How We Did It

Rm 310

My pathway from engineering to construction. Technical decision-making and gender challenges at the construction site.

Rm 705

Thermal Runaway: Why Tesla Pays Me to Blow Up Batteries.  Learn about the phenomenon of thermal runaway in lithium ion batteries and why airlines banned hoverboards from flight.

Rm 704

Heavy metal: very large public sculpture.  The design, engineering and fabrication of large scale sculptures.

Eagle Theater

Life Beyond Earth?  Extraterrestrial aliens abound on the big and little screens of the entertainment industry, on your computer and phone screens, and in books and magazines . But do they actually exist in the universe?

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WEDNESDAY. OCT 26, 2016.

PERIOD 2   8:50-10:25 AM

Who gets what and why.  Markets and marketplaces: success, failure and innovation.

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PERIOD 4   10:45 AM-12:15 PM

Secrets of the Seas.  The oceans cover 71% of the earth and are responsible for half the carbon dioxide uptake on the planet. Advances in sequencing technology and molecular biology are helping us to understand hidden specificities in interactions between marine microbes and how these communities might change in future oceans.

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PERIOD 6   1:05-2:35 PM

Reach for the Stars! - Working for NASA. This talk will be about what it's like to work for NASA, including details from the LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) mission to orbit the moon and study the thin lunar atmosphere.

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PERIOD 1   8:10-9:45 AM

NVIDIA: A Learning Machine.

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PERIOD 3   10:05-11:35 AM

Fantastic voyage - peering inside the body.  Our body is talking to us all the time, we just can't hear it.

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PERIOD 5   12:25-1:55 PM
12:25-1:55 PM
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PERIOD 7   2:00-3:30 PM
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