New Frontiers of Science: Pushing the Limits of How Humanity Understands and Treats Disease

Project Baseline is an initiative to map human health. Come hear about this moonshot project and how it intends to revolutionize our understanding of health!

Face Tagging, Movie Recommendations, & Talking Computers: An Introduction to Why You Should Care About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence isn't the stuff of the future—it's already here, and it's everywhere. Susannah will give an overview of what AI is and how it works, as well as provide you with plenty of examples of how this technology is already changing the world.

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Evolving to Survive: Can coral reefs fight climate change?

Technology and human population growth have accelerated evolutionary change in other species on our planet.  Can we apply evolutionary principles to reduce our impact on the rest of the planet?

Brave New Worlds: What are the consequences and opportunities of exponential technologies such as AI, robotics and synthetic biology?

Accelerating improvements in technology are leading to disruptive changes in business models and enabling new products and services. This talk will address the consequences and challenges of the pervasive and widespread impact of exponential technologies.

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Computers tracking your every move! Creepy or awesome? Come see for yourself!

I'll explain how companies like Oculus track your movements in virtual reality to immerse you in an alternate world.

On Hospital Duty! A day in my life as an ob/gyn doctor

In this talk, Dr. Branson will walk through a doctor's approach to diagnosis and treatment of a pregnancy gone awry.

STEM Blasts Off Into Orbit: How satellites work and protect our nation

 Unmanned satellites provide critical support for our nation's security.  Come hear how these satellites have helped keep our country safe for decades!


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Trompe L'oeil Murals and Burning Man Base

Burning Man... from spark to fire! Andrew Johnstone, the designer of "The Man" for the Burning Man Festival describes the year-long process from the concept of the design to the building of the structure.

Deadliest Catch: How a love-hate relationship with bugs turned into a career hunting the world’s deadliest animal

We're doing field trials to try to produce and release 1 million sterile male mosquitoes a week to crash the population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and hopefully reduce Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever transmission.  We do this through Project Debug -- using robotics and automation along with cutting edge biology to try to suppress populations of disease-transmitting mosquitoes.

Automated driving: from human to machine

 Automated vehicle technology continues to advance. What will it take for computers to drive cars as well as the best human drivers?

Want to Climb Buildings Like Spiderman? Let's take a bio-inspired approach to engineering

A look at how science and engineering unlock nature's secrets to make a little robot climb and give a human climbing powers previously only the stuff of comic books.  

A Path to Understanding Brain Disorders: Making neurons from skin cells

One of the challenges in studying brain disorders is the inaccessibility of patient brain cells. In this talk, a new technology called induced pluripotent stem cells that enables us to overcome this challenge will be discussed.

Tracking Cancer Tumors in Real Time: Using MR Imaging to guide radiation treament

I'll introduce the newest available technology in real-time tracking of soft tissues to accurately irradiate tumors.

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Genetically Engineered and Renewable Oils for Cosmetics, Food and Fuel

The entrepreneur's path from concept to reality: using genetic engineering to produce custom-designed, renewable crude oil.

Using Biosensors to Turn Sci-fi Ideas Into Real Life Technology Products

Turning science fiction ideas into real life technology products. Learn the latest advances in bio-sensor applications for human to machine interface.

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