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Abdalla Emam

Lead UX Designer


Are you right-brained or left-brained designer? (A Journey with UX Design)


In this presentation, we’ll explore design as a discipline, focused in particular on user experience design as a profession. Are right-brained or left-brained designers considered better experience designers? We will take a look at real examples of the design process and see which side of the brain is used when and how in the process. Besides exploring the creative process, I’ll demonstrate how the use of data and analytics in the user experience design are crucial to the design process and decision making.

Meet the Speaker:

Abdalla started his career in digital and product design working at New York-based design agencies. After living and working in NYC for 10 years, he moved to the Bay Area to pursue his dream of working in Silicon Valley.

Abdalla specializes in SaaS product design and has worked for various tech companies including Apple and Qlik Technologies. Currently, He is a Lead UX Designer at Equinix Inc., which specializes in data centers and cloud based solutions whose clients includes Google and Amazon.

Abdalla received his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Digital Communications and Media with a concentration in Interactive Media and Mobile Devices from New York University. He is currently studying to earn a Master’s of Science in Design, Business and Technology Integration at University of Southern California.

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