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Bethany Rogers

VP of Marketing

Atara Biotherapeutics

Biologics: Harnessing the science of human biology to intelligently treat disease


Our understanding of human biology has rapidly advanced where we can harness that knowledge to create intelligence therapies for devastating diseases. We will discuss the exciting new area of Cell Therapy, including how the mononucleosis virus could cause cancer, and the career options of many team members that are required to bring these medicines to patients.

Meet the Speaker:

Bethany has had a curiosity about science and how things work since a young age. She followed this passion to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she graduated with Bachelors of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biology. After college she worked at Merck in research and development of biologic vaccines before returning to graduate school for a Masters in Business Administration at Stanford. She continued in the biopharmaceutical business for 14 years at AbbVie, working both in the US and abroad. Currently, Bethany is the Vice President of Marketing focusing on cell therapy commercialization at Atara Biotherapeutics.

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