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DJ Patil

Senior Fellow

Venrock Partners and Harvard Kennedy School

What would you do if you were the Chief Data Scientist of the U.S.


What would you do if you were the primary advisor to the President on data and technology? What would your day to day look like? What would do? Come find out from the first U.S. Chief Data Scientist

Meet the Speaker:

DJ Patil is considered one the most influential data scientists in the world. He was appointed by President Obama as the very first U.S. Chief Data Scientist, he was tasked with making the largest organization in history—the U.S. Federal Government—a data driven enterprise.

In the private sector, he led the product teams at RelateIQ which was acquired by Salesforce, was founding board member for Crisis Text Line which works to use new technologies to provide on demand mental and crisis support, and was a member of the venture firm Greylock Partners. He was also Chief Scientist, Chief Security Officer and Head of Analytics and Data Product Teams at the LinkedIn Corporation, where he co-coined the term “Data Scientist.” He has also held a number of roles at Skype, PayPal, and eBay.

Until recently, he was the Chief Technology Officer at Devoted Health, which aims make healthcare easier, more affordable and more caring.

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