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Melissa Gunter

Water Resources Engineering

San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board

Water is Life! Recycled Water's Role in a More Water Resilient Future


Water plays a vital role in our lives. Recycled water is a reliable alternative water supply that can assist California communities in becoming more resilient in the face of climate impacts such as drought and decreased amounts of snow and groundwater. I will speak about wastewater treatment technologies used to produce recycled water, water sources that can be recycled, and the importance of science, engineering, curiosity, and collaboration on long-term water resilience and ecosystem health.

Meet the Speaker:

Melissa's life path and purpose are guided by water. She approaches her work as a water resource engineer with the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board through a solution-oriented, problem solving, collaborative lens. She has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s in ecological engineering and systems ecology and has worked in the public sector and in private consulting. She is currently focusing on the intersection of water recycling, climate change, innovation, and environmental justice.

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