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Patricia Larenas


Patricia Larenas On Paper

Drawing Giants: The Botanical Art of Trees


What is botanical art? Botanical art is part aesthetics and part botany, although it can often be more of one and less of the other. To meet the needs of scientific illustration, it is more on the botanical end of this scale. But plenty of botanical art is also stunningly beautiful, while adhering to botanical correctness. Patricia will briefly discuss the above and the paths to becoming a botanical artist, plus examples of careers in botanical art. In the second part of her presentation, she will lead a drawing exercise outside to demonstrate how a botanical artist approaches studying and drawing a tree.

Meet the Speaker:

Patricia’s botanical art has been exhibited in the Santa Cruz Natural History Museum’s Art of Nature exhibitions, and with the Northern California Society of Botanical Artists (NCalSBA). Two of her works were accepted as part of the Mt. Tamalpais Florilegium, a permanent collection of paintings depicting the native plants of that region (a project of NCalSBA). She is currently Artist in Residence at Canopy, a local non-profit organization (, whose mission is to grow the urban forest.

Patricia is an exhibiting member of the Northern California Society of Botanical Artists and studied in the Filoli Botanical Art Certificate Program in Woodside, CA. This led to her current interest in the iconic trees of the San Francisco Bay Area.
She received her B.A. degree in Studio Art from San Jose State University, and during the 1990’s she was an exhibiting ceramic artist and a member of the Mountain View Potters studio.

She was born in Chile and is conversationally fluent in Spanish.

Find her on Instagram: @plarenas_onpaper
and Twitter: @plarenasonpaper

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