Ann Marie Cody

PhD, Astronomer

Astronomy at the Intersection of Space, Coding and Art

What is our place in the cosmos? How many other planets are really out there?

As an astronomer working to answer these questions at the NASA Ames Research Center, Dr. Ann Marie Cody works with the Kepler and K2 Missions. She and her colleagues are responsible for gathering and disseminating (worldwide) data on tens of thousands of stars, some of which host planets -- or even life!

As part of her job, Dr. Cody also publishes cartoons to illustrate the many astronomical objects that the Kepler Space Telescope has observed. Find out how she came to weave diverse interests in art, science, and computing together into one fascinating career.

​Meet Ann Marie Cody

Ann Marie Cody works with the Kepler Space Telescope team on the K2 Mission, developing software to produce ultra-high precision measurements to search for exoplanets and the study of their origin.