Edgar Ramirez


I will discuss my pathway to the sciences and how math and science have shaped my career path. In addition, I will describe my work at Genia Technologies on the testing and development of a real-time sequencing by synthesis (SBS) DNA platform. My focus will be on the three components that make this technology possible: the protein nanopore, the nanotag chemistry, and the CMOS chip. To finish off, I will discuss how this technology can be become an asset in the healthcare system and the progression of precision medicine.


Edgar was born and raised in Mountain View and had the pleasure of attending Los Altos High School. After LAHS, he attended Foothill College in order to save up before attending a four-year institution. Three years later, he transferred to UC Santa Cruz where he obtained his bachelor's of science in human biology. After college, he was able to implement his basic bio knowledge at El Camino Hospital as a clinical assistant/ liaison for the emergency department. Six months later, he was offered a position at Genia technologies where he is constantly being exposed to many branches of science that are required to make DNA sequencing possible!