Monday, Sept. 23, 2019 @ EAGLE THEATER

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Advancing Evidence-based Conservation - Deep Learning for Wildlife Monitoring

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Cybersecurity - From attacks on data to attacks on flesh, blood and steel.

Cybersecurity is undergoing a significant shift from threats on data and information to threats that affect flesh, blood and steel. And this is creating lots of opportunities for young talent to fill a growing gap to meet the threat.

One Giant Leap - the Legacy of the Apollo Program

50 years ago, humans first walked upon the moon. However, the scientific, technological, and social effects on broader society began well before and have continued long after that event.

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Croudsourcing Earthquakes with MyShake

Presents the technology and social impacts that we hope to have with the MyShake earthquake application.

Harrison Dillon | Period 5

Pioneering Novel Genetics Capabilities: Taking the Entrepreneur Route

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Why it's hard to be a shark and other stories of extreme ocean life.

This talk explores the adaptations of large sharks from their teeth (five times sharper than a razor blade) to their warm blood, to their senses, migrations, and pregnancies. We’ll paint a picture of sharks in popular culture and in real life - and pose the question: how can we co-exist?

From Ebola to Beauty via Global Warming

When performing research or starting a company , one usually tries to focus on solving a particular problem in a specific area. The purpose of this talk is to show how the outcome can sometimes be significantly far away from the point of origin, and how flexibility and innovation are critical to success.

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