Monday, Oct. 8, 2018 @ EAGLE THEATER

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How do we make the Google Assistant talk?

Learn more about how voice user interfaces work and how we teach computers to talk like humans, and not the other way around.

The Pleasure Pain Balance

I will talk about the neuroscience of how our brains process pleasure and pain. By understanding the neuroscience of pleasure and pain, we are able to reflect on how drugs and alcohol, but also behaviors like playing videogames, checking Snapchat, eating chocolate, and Juuling, can ultimately cause suffering.

What Can You Do With An MD Degree?

What Can You Do With an MD Degree? Hear about the possibilities and the story of one physician turned physician innovator.

Surprising Structures and Baffling Behaviors: Kinetic Sculptures Grounded in Geometry

In John Edmark's presentation, he will share a number of transforming and kinetic works from his ongoing exploration into spatial patterns of symmetry and growth, and describe the math and geometry used in designing them.  His presentation will focus in particular on those works which are based on logarithmic spiral structures, Fibonacci numbers, and the golden ratio.

Kelp Flutes, Walrus Impersonations, and Glacier Gamelans: A Composer's Search for Polar Music

Composer, performer, and instrument-builder Cheryl E. Leonard will discuss working with sound at the ends of the earth, and share examples of the field recordings, one-of-a-kind musical instruments, and compositions that have grown out of her adventures in Antarctica and the Arctic.

Sim Green: VR for Designing Sustainable Cities

Using VR/AR for Smart Sustainable City Planning

Is there gold from the mines of Africa in the phone in your pocket? - How the Blockchain helps build a sustainable future.

Originally developed to power cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies have found application to a wide range of problems far beyond their original intent.  This talk will focus on a few of these applications in the global supply chain, to show how blockchain technologies are having a big impact on the everyday products we use..

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