Phillipa Avery, PhD​


What sort of impact can you have with computer science? In my career I’ve delved into a number of fields including Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence, and back-end Web Service development at Netflix. Each of these are different fields with different learning experiences and different impacts on the world around us. I’m going to cover some of the more interesting things I have learned, and talk over the impact that you personally can have with computer science. From gene analysis, to strategic game play, to serving tens of thousands of requests every second around the world. Let’s chat about some of the amazing challenges that you can encounter every day, and the fun problems you’ll get to solve!


I love the process of designing and writing code, working with people to create better products. My strength lies in a position where I am interacting with a team and/or clients to take advantage of my strong communication skills and love of computer science, to find solutions that exceed expectations.