Speaker List


Raashina Humayun

Chemical Engineer

Is there sand in my phone? How science and engineering convert sparkly grains of sand into the components that drive our electronic devices

Kalee Tock


Life As We *Don't* Know It: The Search for Extraterrestrials

Jessica Trinh

Graduate Student Researcher

In the Middle: Between undergrad and doctorate, studying interactions between microbes and plants

Jennifer Sumant, MD

MD Internal Medicine

The Science and Art of clinical medicine

Erica Lockheimer

VP of Engineering

Be your authentic self

Natalie Niksa

Executive Chef/Founder

Trusting our Intuition through Food

Dr. Victoria Liou-Johnson

Research Fellow, Adjunct Professor, Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist

Follow Your Passion, There's More Than One Way to Get There!

Mishi Vachev

PhD Candidate

The Secret Life of Plants: An Insight Into the Food on Your Plate

Bethany Rogers

VP of Marketing

Biologics: Harnessing the science of human biology to intelligently treat disease

Linda Gass


Can Art Inspire Climate Action?

Yvonne Greenen

Product Designer

Build to think: why you should always be prototyping

DJ Patil

Senior Fellow

What would you do if you were the Chief Data Scientist of the U.S.