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Bill Halpin

Principal Engineer/Director


Is STEM right for you? An exploration from 2 startups and some leading tech companies Google, IBM, GE, Intel, Synopsys

October 4, 2023 at 9:22:00 PM
Eagle Theater
Bill Halpin

Technology, Engineering, Math

Bill's will explore some of the things to consider when choosing a career in STEM drawing from his experiences at Google, Intel, IBM, GE, Synopsys and 2 startups. Some things he will consider: STEM's Impact on society, money, balancing work/family/life, friendships and creativity. Please bring your questions!

Meet the Speaker:

Dr. William M. Halpin, Jr.

Bill is a Principal Engineer and Director at Google, where he leads the Gmail, Calendar, and Chat Intelligence engineering team. His team is responsible for building large language and other machine learning features in Gmail, Calendar, and Chat.
Bill joined Google in 2010. Prior to that, he led engineering for mobile web advertising for more than a decade. He also held positions at Synopsys, Synplicity, Intel, IBM, and GE. He was the vice president of IQE, Inc., a company that he founded as a student at Syracuse University. Bill is the author of 50 patents, numerous conference papers, and co-authored a book on algorithms for designing and implementing computer chips.
Bill graduated from Syracuse University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. He subsequently earned his Master of Science degree (1995) and Doctor of Philosophy degree (2005) in Computer Engineering. As a sophomore, Bill was elected as the undergraduate Student Government Comptroller and was responsible for allocating SU’s student activity fees.
Bill and his wife Hollie have four children: Alex, a junior at Los Altos High School; Amelia, a freshman at Los Altos High School; Julia, a seventh grader at Egan Junior High School; and Cate, a fourth grader at Bullis Charter School. He has coached baseball, soccer, softball, and lacrosse in Los Altos.

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