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Maricel Cerruti

Director, WESCO GTM Data Center Solutions


Bridging the Digital Divide: An intro to Data Centers (Panelist)

October 2, 2023 at 6:29:00 PM
Eagle Theater
Maricel Cerruti

Technology, Engineering

Denystifying the digital infrastructure industry

Meet the Speaker:

Maricel has over 15 years working in the low voltage technology and data center industry. Prior to joining Wesco Data Center Solutions Group, Maricel was a minority owner of Technology Consulting firm focusing on the design, planning, and buildout of Commercial Buildings and Data Centers. She founded and produced a Technology Convergence Conference for over a decade and held numerous leadership positions in industry organizations such as AFCOM and 7X24. She is also a founding board member of Infrastructure Masons- a nonprofit society of professionals focusing on Innovation, Inclusion, Sustainability, and Education for the Digital Infrastructure Industry.

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