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Tad Hogg

Research Fellow

Institute for Molecular Manufacturing

The Alien Worlds of Molecular Machines and Micro Robots

October 4, 2023 at 8:32:00 PM
Eagle Theater
Tad Hogg

Science, Engineering

Molecular machines are all around and inside us, but too tiny to experience directly. They operate in worlds with unfamiliar physics, dominated by friction and thermal motion instead of inertia. I’ll describe these machines and their potential applications to medicine in microscopic robots. Molecular machines are in an early stage of development, with opportunities to combine insights from physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and computer science, to contribute to the emerging field of molecular machine engineering.

Meet the Speaker:

physics degrees from Caltech & Stanford; industry research at Xerox PARC, HP Labs, IMM; AAAS Fellow. See LinkedIn for more

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