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Tyler Feld

Project Lead

Grassroots Ecology

The "Plants and People" People: Working as a community to restore local ecosystems

October 3, 2023 at 8:22:00 PM
Eagle Theater
Tyler Feld


In a time of ecological concerns and climate change, it is important to find tangible actions that community members can participate in. Grassroots Ecology does this work by facilitating community based habitat restoration projects across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. Ecologists, educators, volunteers and other environmental professionals team up to remove invasive plants and install native ones. The biodiversity that this work adds helps our local ecosystems stay resilient and adapt to our changing climate. Additionally, by providing opportunities for our community to be a part of this work, Grassroots Ecology provides pathways to enter the environmental field including youth stewards programs, paid internships, and Americorps roles. To effectively restore local ecosystems, Grassroots Ecology believes that we need to make it a community effort, that is also fun!

Meet the Speaker:

Tyler’s love of the outdoors began from early childhood experiences exploring the oak woodlands of Southern California and the pine forests of the Sierra Nevadas. As a teenager with a career goal to “protect the trees,” he pursued a B.A. Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz. Following his degree, Tyler spent 5 years teaching and directing overnight outdoor education programs throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas to share his love of the outdoors with youth. His continued love of ecology and stewardship led him to start with Grassroots Ecology in 2021.

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