Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 @ EAGLE THEATER 

Real-world applications of Game Theory

Game Theory applies to real world applications. Did you ever wonder how people decisions when they might lose more than they might win?

Designing the future of transportation!

A new paradigm for urban transportation is needed that is truly sustainable. The Spartan Superway embodies that new paradigm.

Drugs, the Brain, and Clinical Psychology

This talk will explain how drugs work in the brain and will show examples of how clinical psychologists work to determine the effects of drugs. I will also present cutting-edge research, which uses machine learning to develop personalized treatments for substance use disorders.

A Planet for Goldilocks -- NASA and the Search for Life Beyond Earth

This month, NASA celebrates its 60th anniversary.  That's 60 years of space exploration that includes sending humans to the Moon, launching a shuttle program, building an orbiting outpost for humans, landing robots on Mars, and sending probes to furthest reaches of the Solar System.  NASA also extends our vision out into the cosmos using sophisticated space telescopes that allow us to see further than we could before.  One such space telescope named Kepler recently taught us that the galaxy contains billions of worlds like Earth that could harbor life. Dr. Batalha will talk about some of these exciting discoveries and share her experiences as a professional Astronomer and what it means to be a NASA scientist.

Studying Wildfires from a Fighter Jet: Airborne Measurements and Air Quality Impacts

Emissions from wildfires are an important source of trace gases and particles that contribute to local and regional air quality, climate change, and have human health impacts. Studying Wildfires from a Fighter Jet: Airborne Measurements and Air Quality Impacts.

Designing nature, on and off planet

When we think of technology, we usually think of something with an "on/off" switch. With the advent of synthetic biology, we are now more aware of using life itself as technology. With this insight and these tools, we can design solutions to the problems of human settlement on the moon and Mars, while improving life on our planet. Why not use life to make habitats, generate food and oxygen, mine metals, make plastics, and so on without actually taking trees or farm animals?

Our starved microbial selves: restoring our microbiota and immune system through diet

In this talk you'll learn about the world of microbes in your body, and how our microbiomes are affected by what we eat and shape our health.

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