Tuesday, Sep. 24, 2019

How Do Cellphones Make a Connection?

How do different signals get in and out of your smartphone?

Can You Ride a Backward Bicycle?

A backwards bicycle has the seat and handle bars swapped. In this talk and demonstration, I'll explain why my backwards bicycle is essentially impossible to ride.

Doing What I Enjoy (and Making a Living)

I will discuss my path through the three locations I've worked: Intuit, Tesla and Carbon. I will describe the ground breaking products we created and hopefully why it was fun.

STEM Blasts Off Into Orbit: How Satelllites Work and Protect Our Nation

This talk will discuss how unmanned satellites have provided profound support for our national security from the Cold War to the present. Some topics of how satellites work, such as the GPS navigation system, will be explained.

Forensic Science in the Real World: From the Crime Scene to the Crime Laboratory to the Courtroom

In my presentation, I will bring students into the “Real World” of Forensic Science/Crime Scene Investigation and Discuss Scientific Techniques used to Help Solve High Profile Cases and Exonerate the Innocent!

Cultivating Curiosity: How I Use My Nature Journal to Explore Mysteries, See Connections, and Build Curiosity as a Skill

Through my nature journaling practice, I have become more observant and more attentive to nature, and I have discovered that I love to get curious. Asking questions is fun!

X-ray vision extreme - how new X-ray sources transform our capabilities to resolve electrons and atoms at work

Our imaging tools determine our perception of the world around us. I will discuss my research at the SLAC National Laboratory, which is dedicated to pushing the limits of what we can see using intense and very short X-ray pulses from the first hard X-ray laser in the world.

The Art + Science of Designing for Sustainability

Lynda Grose will describe how she became involved in fashion and sustainability, by highlighting projects she's been involved with. She will explain how math and science are relevant to this work and how she couples these with the soft sciences and design to powerful effect.

Is there Sand in my Phone? How Science and Engineering Converts Sparkly Grains of Sand into the Components that Drive our Electronic Devices

An introduction to the semiconductor manufacturing process that starts from sparkly grains of sand to make the components that drive our electronic devices.

Chemistry, Scuba, NMR, Marketing: How I Excited Atoms For A Living

My career path did not follow a pre-set plan (certainly not any great plan that I ever tried to make), but it did follow a path that my education allowed me to explore.

The Evolution of Immuno-Oncology, Stimulating the Immune System to Fight Cancer

Coming soon

Creating Burgers Without the Moo

The journey of the plant-based burger: Diving into consumer insights, development, commercialization, and the spectacular rise of an innovative new food category.

Marie La Russa

New Frontiers in Genome Editing

CRISPR is a revolutionary new technology has the ability to alter the sequence of DNA in your cells. This tool enables many exciting new possibilities for medical treatments, but also poses many technical and ethical challenges that the scientific community is still working to address.

Combining Technology and Art: How I Taught Myself How To Make My Own Virtual Reality Game and Art Side Business as a College Student

I will be sharing my journey from being an aspiring anime artist to bioengineering/pre-med and then to design/interactive media through designing and developing my own virtual reality game (https://grace-ling.com/cell-fie/) and starting my own art side business, Candyleaf Designs. I’ll also be showing some of my other art and projects that I’ve done along the way that shaped my career path and passion for combining art and technology.

The Energy Transformation

The big energy transformation. What is it? Why is it important and what are some of the challenges of changing from fossil fuels to renewable energy generation.

From Trash to Treasure: Upcycled Food Waste is Worth Billions for Businesses

ReGrained is a mission-driven food startup that leverages culinary science principles with technology to manufacture an ingredient with multiple health benefits that the world historically considers waste. Chef Philip Saneski will talk about his ReGrained role as well as his career thus far as a restaurant chef, food scientist, and food entrepreneur.

Life After LAHS: from Co-Founding a Startup in College to Working on Self-Driving Cars

My journey after graduating LAHS, from founding and selling a startup in college to joining a billion dollar self-driving car startup.

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