Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018

MOTOBOT: The World's Fastest Robot

Designing Humanoid Robots to Exceed Human Capability

Can humanoid robots exceed human capabilities? MOTOBOT is a humanoid robot designed to be the world’s best motorcycle racer. What are the design challenges that we face in building these types of robots to be bigger, faster, stronger? Using MOTOBOT as a case study, we will discuss how physics, engineering, risk assessment and failure play important roles in the development of humanoid robots and exceeding known limits.

Chocolate - Food of the Gods

This is a fun talk about the history, biology, chemistry, processing, trivia, etc about Chocolate Food of the Gods. Some chocolate will be will be handed out at the end.

At the intersection where Computational Science Meets Art

What can a computer do? Besides solving math problems, can it create artwork? Yes, it can! Once I started my major in computer science, I became curious about what kind of art algorithms can generate. Over the last four years, I have explored and created different artwork using algorithms and code. This work includes image manipulation, abstract art and motion graphics. I will show the art I have created with code and demonstrate how I did this.

Astronomy at the intersection of Space, Coding and Art

What is our place in the cosmos? How many other planets are really out there?

As an astronomer working to answer these questions at the NASA Ames Research Center, Dr. Ann Marie Cody works with the Kepler and K2 Missions. She and her colleagues are responsible for gathering and disseminating (worldwide) data on tens of thousands of stars, some of which host planets -- or even life!


Cyber security - From attacks on data to attacks on flesh, blood and steel

Cybersecurity is undergoing a significant shift from threats on data and information to threats that affect flesh, blood and steel. And this is creating lots of opportunities for young talent to fill a growing gap to meet the threat.

BEYOND THE SPINE: Chiropractic as a Holistic Approach to Healing Injuries and Illness in Teens

Why would you see a chiropractor for your strained tendon, an upper respiratory infection or even a sprained ankle? Because your body is comprised of many integrated parts which impact each other. By working with the connections within your body, chiropractors heal pains that traditional Western medicine might mask.

Don’t Mess with My Sephora Points! Keeping Private Data Secure in the Cloud

What does a global retail cosmetics brand and cloud security have in common? A lot! Come find out how your data is kept secure in the cloud and what retailers need to consider when making their products available to you on your mobile device.

You go to the mall and walk into Sephora. You click on an iPad to access your Sephora account, and think: How does Sephora keep my points and account safe? How do they know what products I might like? How do they securely allow me to check out from a mobile device?

EMS Medical Careers

We will be discussing training and careers in the Emergency Medical Services profession. Whether your goal is to become an EMT, Paramedic, Fire Fighter, or would like to get a head-start in the medical profession in general, we will examine your career options. Be a hero! Become an EMS professional!

This presentation will also explore pursuing additional job options, training protocol, and career pathways. This will be a hands-on presentation that will rely on student interaction and demonstrations in an informal but informative setting. Our goal is to have students recognize the importance of providing immediate, first-hand medical care, as well as using this career as a stepping stone to work as doctors, nurses, and other areas in the medical field.

Forensic Science in the Real World: From the Crime Scene to the Crime Lab to the Courtroom

In my presentation, I will bring students into the “Real World” of Forensic Science/Crime Scene Investigation and Discuss Scientific Techniques used to Help Solve High Profile Cases and Exonerate the Innocent!

Are you right-brained or left-brained designer? (A Journey with UX Design)

In this presentation, we’ll explore design as a discipline, focused in particular on user experience design as a profession. Are right-brained or left-brained designers considered better experience designers? We will take a look at real examples of the design process and see which side of the brain is used when and how in the process. Besides exploring the creative process, I’ll demonstrate how the use of data and analytics in the user experience design are crucial to the design process and decision making.

Science at the edge of politics: climate, oceans, and energy

Today, I have one of the best jobs in the world, in that I come in to work every day and more-or-less ask myself what I feel like doing today. Nobody is telling me what to do. I choose to study things like climate change and ocean acidification, and, more recently, ways that we might transform our energy system so that we do not release any more of the carbon dioxide that causes climate change and ocean acidification. Not only do I get to have fun doing research, working with super-bright and highly motivated students and postdocs, but I also get to communicate what I have learned to influential people (like Bill Gates), to journalists, and to people like you.

Can we use proteins to treat diseases?

Proteins are molecules composed of one or more amino acids and are an essential part of all living organisms. We will discuss how proteins interact and are used to identify and treat diseases along with how my education and work experience led me to work in this area.

Plastics in the Ocean: How Green Chemistry Can Help

More plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050? Yikes! We'll talk about how green chemistry and the circular economy can help us create a healthier future for our oceans.

How we fix a damaged foot: a foot surgeon and podiatrist's story

This talk will describe the field of podiatric medicine and surgery and ways in which podiatrists treat various deformities and injuries of the foot and ankle.

In this presentation I will talk about the work that my company, Capella Space, is doing to develop the first commercial SAR satellite that is smaller than a piece of carry-on luggage and the unique positioning of small, fast space companies in the current technological climate. I will also touch on my path from graduating Los Altos High in 2014 to where I am today, which shows many parellels to the curving, confusing, and unexpected path of an iterative engineering design process.

Matthew Nero

Waymo: Building the World's Most Experienced Driver

From our beginnings as the Google self-driving car project, we’ve been working to make our roads safer, free up people’s time, and improve mobility for everyone. Now, as an independent company, Waymo is more committed than ever to the same goal. Come by our presentation to learn about how Waymo is on our way to building the world's most experienced driver!

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