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Alicia Kavelaars


OffWorld -

A robotic workforce for the solar system.


We are developing a robotic workforce for extreme environments on Earth, Moon, asteroids & Mars. Our robots are putting humans out of harm's way in heavy industrial terrestrial applications on Earth, such as mining, construction and infrastructure repair, as a precursor and technology accelerator of likewise deployments on the surface of other celestial bodies and free space. The technology we develop will ensure a permanent human presence in space, and improve the sustainability and quality of life on Earth and across the solar system.

Meet the Speaker:

Alicia is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at OffWorld Inc. Alicia brings over 20 years of experience in the aerospace and robotics sectors developing and successfully launching systems for NASA, NOAA and Commercial customers in the Telecommunications and Mining industries. In her tenure at OffWorld, Alicia has led the technology development of AI based mobile robots for extreme environments on Earth as a precursor to Lunar, Martian, asteroid, and free space applications. Before OffWorld, Alicia was responsible for technical business development at Metispace Technologies, formerly GMV USA; a satellite software systems supplier where she successfully contributed to key program acquisitions for NASA, NOAA and commercial Telecom Customers. Alicia’s background in attitude control systems, orbital dynamics and space systems, and software systems has heavily influenced her approach to the development of swarm or constellation architectures for terrestrial and space applications and field robotics for extreme environments, where she has applied AI and distributed systems to the development of patented technologies capable of revolutionizing key terrestrial and space markets. Alicia holds a MSc. and PhD from Stanford University and a BSc. in Theoretical Physics from UAM, Spain, and has several patents in Radio Frequency Autotracking and Robotics.

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