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Dennis "DJ" Anzano

Global Policy Advisor, AI Principles & Ethics Fellow

Google, Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics

They're a 10 but...they're a robot: Ethical AI & Tech


Meet the Speaker:

Dennis "DJ" Anzano is a Global Policy Advisor and AI Ethicist at Google. He received
his BA in communications with a minor in political science from the University of
California, Berkeley, and is currently an MS in bioethics candidate at Harvard Medical School. Dennis has worked on a wide range of internet policy issues, including safeguarding the integrity of political elections and fighting misinformation and disinformation in advertising. He is an Artificial Intelligence Principles & Ethics Fellow at Google and was a Fellow. He's passionate about responsible innovation and making an impact at the cross section of human interaction and technology in order to shape the advancement of tech for social good.

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