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Guowen Ding


Intermolecular Inc.

DEMO: Come see "Marshmallow Man" and other Fun Vacuum Science Demos!


What happens to everyday objects in a vacuum chamber? Come see the surprising results! A vacuum chamber is a contained space from which all the air has been pumped out. Vacuum technology is one of the most important technologies in manufacturing, scientific research and modern technology. Without vacuum technology, there would not be any electronics or satellites. This vacuum science show will include the famous falling feather and Magdeburg hemisphere demonstrations which have amazed students for generations! Other demos will include the "crashing bottle", "surprised balloon", "marshmallow man", "shaving cream", "boiling cold water", and "disappearing sound" leading us to think about the principles of science. Plasma and vacuum science applications will be discussed and demoed if time allows.

Meet the Speaker:

Dr. Guowen Ding leads the the Intermolecular Inc research group on energy-saving glass coating. He has filed nearly 50 distinct patents/publications on TCO (transparent conducting oxide materials), optical coating, energy-saving window coating and semiconductor applications. At Applied Materials from 2000 to 2010, Dr. Ding led multiple projects with many achievements in the metal etch division. Prior to Applied Materials, Dr. Ding led a team of students on atmospheric plasma research at UCLA associated with the start up of Surfx technology LLC, developing a new atmospheric plasma tool for etch and deposition. Dr. Ding received his Ph.D in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to that, he received a Master's degree in chemistry from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a B.S degree in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University in China.

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