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Patrick Neschleba

Senior Director of Strategic Design

Intel Corporation

Semiconductors: The Heart of Your Digital World


Semiconductor devices are at the heart of all electronic devices, as well as the global networks and data centers that they connect to. I’ll describe the basics of their fundamental building block, the transistor, and the manufacturing process that enables us to connect billions of them together in a single computer chip. The semiconductor industry grew out of Silicon Valley in the mid-20th century, and is now a global industry with career opportunities for people from just about any background. Looking ahead, we are at the beginning of a golden age of semiconductors, as the growth of our digital world drives unprecedented demand for chips - the build out of manufacturing in the United States and Europe over the next two decades is a great opportunity for anyone with a STEAM-focused profession.

Meet the Speaker:

Patrick is a 24-year veteran of the semiconductor industry who has worked across manufacturing equipment development, strategic planning, corporate strategy, semiconductor design and manufacturing. He has a BS in Chemical Engineering and MS in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University, and has 4 patents in the fields of phase change memory and virtual reality. He has two kids in the local public school system, including a current junior at LAHS.

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