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Riley Soward

Product Operations Manager


Life After LAHS: from Co-Founding a Startup in College to Working on Self-Driving Cars


Curious about the future of self-driving cars, what it’s like to found a company while in college, or where you might be five years after LAHS? In this talk I’ll cover my journey since graduating LAHS in 2014, including what it was like to found and sell a user research startup while in college and what exciting problems I’m working on now on the product team of a self-driving car startup valued at $2.7 billion. Plus, I’ll share a few pieces of unsolicited life advice along the way!

Meet the Speaker:

Riley, a graduate of the LAHS class of 2014, is a Product Operations Manager at Nuro, a self-driving vehicle company focused on last-mile delivery. Prior to joining Nuro in 2018, he studied business at computer science at Boston College. During college, Riley co-founded Campus Insights, a user research startup that was acquired by Harvard Student Agencies in 2018. While at BC, Riley was also a managing partner at Dorm Room Fund, where he invested in student startups.

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