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Stanley Yang


NeuroSky, Inc.

Using Biosensors to Turn Sci-fi Ideas Into Real Life Technology Products


In this talk, NeuroSky's CEO, Stanley Yang, will share with you a journey which began in 2009, when Star Wars Force Trainer and MindFlex made a huge splash in the holiday season, spurring the quick adoption of consumer bio-sensors in the game industry. This was quickly followed by the proliferation into the sports performance and education markets, and then wellness and fitness applications. Finally, Stanley will share with you how consumer bio-sensors are being designed into future products and services in the corporate wellness and mobile health areas.

Meet the Speaker:

As CEO of NeuroSky, Inc., Stanley Yang leads the strategic vision and management of the company. NeuroSky, Inc. is at the forefront of body and mind monitoring and analysis. Its body and mind wearable biosensor technologies and interpretive algorithms are at the core of innovative health and wellness wearable products. NeuroSky, Inc. makes it possible for consumers to easily capture critical biodata, and effectively understand and manage their health. Today NeuroSky, Inc. has formed strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 consumer electronics, semiconductor, mobile services, and health care solution companies to implement its cutting edge solutions.

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