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Yvonne Greenen

Product Designer

Ford Motor Company

Build to think: why you should always be prototyping


No great idea ever starts out perfect. In human-centered design, we create prototypes to make our ideas tangible so we can get feedback from our teammates and from the people we're designing for. Prototyping throughout the design process has many benefits, such as challenging your own assumptions and avoiding the wrong solution as early as possible. In this discussion, I will share some examples of how prototyping helped my design teams improve our concepts from delivering groceries with driverless vehicles to increasing equity in healthcare.

Meet the Speaker:

Yvonne is a Product Designer at Ford's human-centered design lab in Palo Alto. She creates prototypes and simulations to test concepts for future mobility products and services, from shared e-bikes to mobile health clinics. She has a background in mechanical engineering and enjoys building out ideas into three dimensions.

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