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Christy Wolf

Teaching Kitchen Executive Chef

Bon Appetit @ Google

The Science Behind Delicious

October 3, 2023 at 5:15:00 PM
Classroom 601 students only
Christy Wolf

Science, Arts, Math

In this session Chef Christy will dive into the fascinating world of culinary science, unraveling the secrets behind taste, aroma, and flavor and the science of ingredients in your kitchen. Discover how a deeper understanding of these elements can transform your cooking from ordinary to extraordinary.

Meet the Speaker:

Growing up in family seafood & pizza restaurants, Chef Christy’s passion for cooking started at a young age. After graduating from the California Culinary Academy Christy worked on a TV show for Jacques Pepin, assisted with several cookbooks, and cooked in restaurants.
While raising her family, Christy found a new calling in teaching home cooks. She taught & managed several cooking schools in The Bay area before joining Bon Appetit @ Google in 2017 to teach in the KitchenSync Teaching Kitchen in Mountain View. Her teaching kitchen is an experiential way to inspire Googlers to thrive through food choices and to gain a deeper knowledge and connection to food.

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