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Looking Through Microscope

S(cience) T(echnology)

Now in its 19th year, the Los Altos High School STEAM Week program recruits top leaders from local business, industry, and academia to share their experiences with the students at Los Altos High School.  The program's two or three-day agenda features speakers from a wide range of careers, including astronomy, aeronautics, computer science, bioengineering, health care, art, ecology and artificial intelligence.  Speakers volunteer their time to talk about how math, science, or the arts helped them realize their dreams, inspiring the more than 2,000 local students to continue to chase dreams of their own. 

In case you missed seeing a speaker you're interested in, or you want to re-watch a presentation, check out our LAHS STEAM WEEK YouTube Channel, 


Alternatively, you can click the "Watch Video" buttons on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday pages of this website. 

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