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Ali Partovi



Coding for Everyone


As the "learn to code" movement sweeps into American schools, it raises legitimate questions. Should public schools stay focused on fundamental challenges such as keeping pace in reading and math? Should schools limit "screen time"? Do all kids really need to learn to code? After all, we rely on mechanics for auto repair and on doctors for medicine. Can't we leave coding to the coders? Partovi will address these questions and more by comparing Computer Science to other academic fields and show that it provides an indispensable foundation for a wide range of pursuits.

Meet the Speaker:

Ali Partovi is an entrepreneur and angel investor who has backed Airbnb, Dropbox, Facebook, Uber, & Zappos, and co-founded LinkExchange and iLike. He helped his twin brother Hadi launch, a non-profit that's bringing Computer Science into K-12 curriculum and has introduced hundreds of millions of students to CS via the "Hour of Code." His new endeavor, Neo, is a membership organization and venture capital fund for superstar engineers, from outstanding CS undergrads to tech veterans.

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