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Alisa Raynor

Construction Worker

My pathway from engineering to construction. 


In my presentation I’ll be discussing the different fields of Engineering and the path I took to get into Construction. Construction does not fall into the standard STEM field of research or mathematics, but mostly relies on logic and quick decision making to be successful. These are skills that are earned from taking challenging classes and working hard to independently draw conclusions about the material. I’ll be giving examples of crisis situations on the jobsite and how they were resolved. There is a significant gender discrepancy in Construction, and I will address what women can do to hold their own in a male-dominated field.

Meet the Speaker:

Alisa is a 2009 graduate from Los Altos High School and a 2013 graduate from Loyola Marymount University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. She's been in the field of Construction for three years.

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