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Andrew Evans


The Magic Patio

Designing Wonder: Magic, Illusions, and a Backyard Patio


This is NOT your typical Silicon Valley start up story. Andrew Evans will describe how his love of engineering, magic, and theater lead to a career as both a Designer and a Magician... and somehow also a Treehouse Builder. He will discuss the creation of The Magic Patio and how pursuing the intersection of his unique passions helped him create an unintuitive but rewarding career. Oh, also, Andrew will perform LITERAL MAGIC as part of his presentation.

Meet the Speaker:

Andrew Evans is a designer, entrepreneur and magician. Andrew founded and built The Magic Patio—a magic speakeasy tucked in a corner of San Francisco—and was the Magic and Illusions Lead for the San Francisco production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. He also co-created the experience behind The Curiosity Room by TED.

Beyond the stage, Andrew spent 5 years as a Design Lead at the global innovation and design firm IDEO and was a lecturer in Design at Stanford University. As a consultant, he works with companies to bring unique moments of magic and wonder into their products and organizations.

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