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Bernie Peyton

Artist/Field Biologist

Using Origami in Wildlife Conservation


Scientific study almost always obtains results, but how do we know how accurate those results are? This is particularly challenging for estimating population sizes of rarely seen predators, such as the spectacled bear. The key to the conservation of this species in South America was the ability to ask better research questions. This can only be achieved by studying animals where they live over long periods of time. The value of a background in mathematics, language, history, and origami is discussed.

Meet the Speaker:

Bernie Peyton has spent 20 years each in two different careers: origami artist and field biologist with a primary focus on the bear conservation in South America. He has held administrative posts in both fields such as curator of large exhibits of origami art in places like Taiwan and the Co-Chair of the IUCN/SSC Bear Specialist Group. For Peyton, "Science and Art" are two sides of the same coin with the shared language of mathematics. He did not switch careers.

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