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Brian Chan

Mechanical Engineer


From Violins to Cosplay: How CAD and 3D printing is changing the way we make everything


3D printing is rapidly evolving, and with it, the kinds of projects that can be done with 3D printing. Three projects demonstrate the process of designing a product with 3D printing in mind; The articulated crustaceans and insects project, the 3D printed violin, and the articulated Iron Man suit.

Meet the Speaker:

Brian Chan started as a self-taught artist, creating sculpture and crafts by hand. He recevied his Mechanical engineering degrees (BS,PhD) from MIT and his "little" undergraduate research project netted him a cover article for one of the most prestigious research journals in the world: Nature. He helped to figure out a longstanding mystery in fluid mechanics about how water-striding insects propel themselves on the water surface. He then went on to build a mechanical watre stider to test out his theory. He now combines traditional techniques and digital design tools to create 3d printed sculptures and modern products at Formlabs - the company that introduced the first desktop 3D printers.

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