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Caroline Lafleur and Sneha Parab

Food Scientist & Sr. Food Scientist


Creating Burgers Without the Moo


Formulating a plant based alternative to the most iconic American dish is not an easy task. While plant based options offer a host of benefits—a much lower environmental impact, a healthier profile, resource efficiency—they often lack the bite and the juiciness of the burgers from your childhood memory. However, that is changing. Learn how killer plant based meat products are made—from the lab, to the shopping cart, to the hearts of consumers across the nation.

Meet the Speaker:

Caroline joined Mattson in early 2017, having been part of the team at one of Canada’s leading restaurants, Pied de Cochon. Prior to that, Caroline’s passion for plant-based and healthy food drove her to co-found a plant-based burger startup that placed first at the Institute of Food Technologists Product Development Competition.

At Mattson, Caroline’s client experience ranges from small food start-ups to corporate groups. Current work focuses on cutting-edge technologies and plant based innovation.

Caroline received her bachelor's degree in Toxicology & Biology at Université du Québec à Montréal, and her Master’s of Food Science from McGill University. Her academic research ranges from highly-technical in-vitro human cell culture to the application of consumer trends into new food products.

Sneha Parab is a Senior Scientist at Mattson & Co, an independent developer of food and beverage products that is creating and shaping future of food. At Mattson, she interacts with start-ups and CPG leaders of plant-based food products to innovate in alternate proteins category. Sneha is driven by sustainability and has developed range of products including egg, dairy and meat free alternatives abiding nutritional targets.

Prior to Mattson, she held position as a Food scientist at JUST, a food technology start-up focusing on novel plant protein research and development of egg-free scramble. In 2014, she worked at specialty phosphate ingredient company, Innophos where she was responsible for exploring application of phosphates with animal and plant proteins for added functionality. Her experience working across channels at sensory, ingredient, CPG and innovation companies backs her expertise in plant protein processing for optimum functionality and scalability, use of supporting ingredients in plant-based alternatives and challenges commercializing novel food products. She received her M.S. In biotechnology from Mumbai university and M.S. In food science from Drexel university-Philadelphia.

She enjoys volunteering for industry day events at colleges and high schools inspiring future generation food scientists.

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