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Celeste Baranski

VP of Engineering


Numenta: Creating Intelligent Machines.  


Numenta is an unusual company with a dual mission: to understand how the neocortex works, and to apply these neocortical principles in the emerging field of machine intelligence. Celeste Baranski, Numenta’s Vice President of Engineering, will talk about why we believe that understanding the brain is the key to artificial intelligence, and how we are accomplishing these important missions.

Meet the Speaker:

Celeste has over 30 years experience in high tech engineering, design and management. Celeste served in VP Engineering roles at Palm and at Handspring, where she led the companies’ engineering efforts for handheld computers and smartphones. Celeste was also CEO and co-founder of Vitamin D, an artificial intelligence startup. Celeste has built effective engineering teams, starting from a few to over 500 and has delivered numerous successful and award-winning products. Celeste holds both a B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

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