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Craig Carlson



Doing What I Enjoy (and Making a Living)


I'll give a quick description of how we created QuickBooks and why it was so revolutionary.
Then we'll talk about my time at Tesla when we were designing and building the Tesla Roadster and Model S and give some examples of the fun challenges we had.
Finally we'll talk about Carbon, where we make a new kind of 3D printer. I'll show some examples of products we have made and can make with our printer, materials and software.

Meet the Speaker:

After graduating from Stanford, I built accounting software out of my rented home in Palo Alto. Intuit acquired my tiny company and it turned into QuickBooks which I led for many years. After taking a year off to spend with my young family, I went to Tesla where I led the engineering team focused on all the software and electronics for the vehicles. From Tesla I went to Carbon where we make a 3D printer that can create previously unmakeable parts that improve products ranging from football helmets to automobile connectors to surgical sutures.

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