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David Ho

OneStream software developer/ manager

Startup co-founder

Business software: big demand, pays well


There are big demands for workers skilled in OneStream and Oracle EPM software. People with one or two years of experience in OneStream are hard to find (as they are already hired). I can share my experiences counseling other middle or high school students on how to get into this field. OneStream is not yet taught in Universities, so I don't have to compete with college graduates with computer science degrees. Many of my colleagues have degrees in engineering, computer science and business accounting. They switched from their original majors into this field because there is so big a demand for workers that employers will train people in this language

Meet the Speaker:

OneStream Developer/ consultant. Oracle DRM/ EPM developer, administrator, architect, infrastructure installer, project manager with over 17 years of success delivering Financial analysis and reporting solutions to FP&A, Consolidations and Tax teams.
Successfully turned around 3 failing implementations of Oracle Essbase and Planning systems. Consistently successful on toughest IT challenges-even resurrected failed projects by being resourceful, adaptable and excellent in programming.

In the 1980's and 90's, I was developer/programmer of Inventory, Procurement, Distribution, Supply Chain, Customer Relationship, Accounting, Financial, Manufacturing Management, Order Processing & Human Resources systems using Post-Relational/ Multi-dimensional SQL on Unix and Windows servers. Scripted statistical analysis using SPSS (SAS).

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