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David Pablo Cohn, PhD

Software Architect, Systems and Network Administrator

United States Antarctic Program

Extreme Science in Antarctica.  


Too many of us think of science as something you do while staring into a blinking screen in the basement of some office building. But some of the biggest, craziest adventures, and biggest, craziest experiments in the world are there for scientists studying astrophysics, marine biology, geology and other fields in the remote and otherworldly beauty of our southernmost continent. I'll talk about living and working in Antarctica and, as a bonus, what it's like to have to chase down and retrieve a rogue undersea robot. Twice.

Meet the Speaker:

David Pablo Cohn does too many things to keep track of. An early pioneer in Machine Learning, Dr. Cohn is former Google Research Scientist and Instigator at Large, as well as Tech Lead for Google Labs. These days, Pablo (as his friends call him), helps run a philanthropic foundation focusing on fostering education and maternal health in West Africa and serves as an antique aircraft flight instructor. In his spare time, he works aboard a polar icebreaker with the US Antarctic Program, supporting scientific research at the bottom of the world.

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