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Dr. Amber Bolman


BEYOND THE SPINE: Chiropractic as a Holistic Approach to Healing Injuries and Illness in Teens


Why would you see a chiropractor for your strained tendon, an upper respiratory infection or even a sprained ankle? Because your body is comprised of many integrated parts which impact each other. By working with the connections within your body, chiropractors heal pains that traditional Western medicine might mask. Dr. Amber Bollman will explain how the body interconnects efficiently when healthy, and how injuries interrupt these internal connections causing or leading your body to not perform at it’s optimal potential. By understanding the nervous system and musculoskeletal connections, as well as movement abilities through kinesiology, Dr. Bollman will talk about how she heals disease and promotes bodily healing and well being of infants, teens, pro athletes and the elderly.

Meet the Speaker:

Dr. Bollman excels in providing specialized chiropractic care for pregnant and post-partum moms and their children. Dr. Bollman graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa and has completed over 200 hours in post-graduate training in chiropractic pediatrics. Dr. Bollman works with Moms-to-be, infants, growing school-age children and teenagers to help them benefit from the gift of better health through chiropractic care.

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