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Geoff Matthews

Astronomy Professor

Foothill College

One Giant Leap - the Legacy of the Apollo Program


50 years ago, humans first walked upon the moon. However, the scientific, technological, and social effects on broader society began well before and have continued long after that event. What did Apollo teach us about Earth's ever-present companion? What technologies do we use every day, thanks to Apollo? And how has Apollo set the stage for humans to return to the moon, and go beyond?

Meet the Speaker:

Geoff Mathews has been teaching Astronomy at Foothill College since 2017. He followed a winding path, from growing up in the deserts of west Texas to pursuing a physics degree at UT Austin, teaching English internationally, and teaching high school physics and chemistry before pursuing an Astronomy PhD at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He worked as a researcher in the Netherlands, returned to Hawaii to help start their new undergraduate programs in astronomy and astrophysics, and finally moved to the Bay Area in order to focus on general education astronomy teaching (and enjoy abundant bicycle paths!).

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