Harrison Dillon

Chairman and co-founder


Genetically Engineered and Renewable Oils for Cosmetics, Food and Fuel


As a graduate student in genetics, I had an idea about genetically engineering algae to make renewable energy. Over the course of the next few years I refined the concept, enrolled a friend to become my business partner, gained a business credential, and took a deep breath, preparing to quit the highest paying job I had ever had. We then launched a company in our garage, and over the next 7 years built it from a set of concepts to a company traded on NASDAQ that built the world's largest aerobic fermentation factory. Along the way we powered an aircraft carrier fleet around Hawaii with our fuel, launched a skin care brand that is in 3,000 Sephora stores, and commercialized the world's healthiest cooking oil, all from the same technology platform.

Meet the Speaker:

Dr. Dillon is a pioneer and thought leader in industrial biotechnology. He has spent his career at the forefront of emerging biotechnology trends, first as a researcher during the height of the human genome project, then as a patent attorney, and primarily as an entrepreneur. Dr. Dillon is co-founder and chairman of Phylagen, a biotechnology company that seeks to monitor, map, and manage microbiomes.