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Jane Frommer



Molecular manipulations on the nanometer scale.  


Where does 'nano' come from? From nanometer, the length scale used to measure molecules. I will discuss chemistry's control on this scale, the creation of materials on the nanometer scale, and how we validate the nanostructures we have made.

Meet the Speaker:

Jane Frommer is a researcher in Science and Technology at IBM’s Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California.

She received a B.S. in Chemistry from Tufts University with biochemical research projects at MIT and Mass General Hospital. After receiving a Ph.D. in organometallic chemistry from Caltech, she joined the nascent field of electronically conducting polymers at the Allied Corporation (now Honeywell) where she pioneered the solution state of electronic conductors.

Her early involvement in scanning probe microscopies at IBM Research and at the University of Basel demonstrated the capabilities of identification and manipulation of organic molecules by scanning tunneling microscopy as well as chemical species differentiation by atomic force microscopy. Current activity in her scanning probe lab at IBM Research revolves around a variety of academic and industrial programs in materials research including lithography, storage, polymers, magnetics and biological nanostructures.

Dr. Frommer has written several seminal review and encyclopedia articles, published over one hundred refereed scientific articles, was the founding editor of Procedures in Scanning Probe Microscopies, and holds several dozen patents. In the scientific community she serves in various capacities for the National Science Foundation, the American Chemical Society, and a number of scientific journals. In 2015 she was made a Fellow of the American Chemical Society and in 2016 holds the role of chair of the Silicon Valley ACS section. She is a research mentor to numerous young scientists internationally and locally is active in science outreach in schools and community organizations.

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