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Jeremiah Garrido

Forensic Scientist

Santa Clara County Crime Lab

Forensic Science in the Real World: From the Crime Scene to the Crime Laboratory to the Courtroom


Forensic Science and the role that the Crime Laboratory plays in a criminal investigation have been significantly greater due to advances in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

In my presentation, I will share my path to a career in Forensic Science and what the requirements and duties are for someone that would be interested in a career as a Criminalist/Forensic Scientist.

In addition, I will discuss the various sections of a Modern Crime Laboratory and provide an overview of how science is used to analyze physical evidence from the crime scene to solve crimes and exonerate the innocent. The difference between Forensics in “Real-Life” and Forensics on “T.V.” will also be emphasized!

Meet the Speaker:

Jeremiah Garrido is currently a Criminalist assigned to the Forensic Biology Unit of the Santa Clara County Crime Laboratory. His primary duties at the Crime Laboratory include assisting law enforcement in processing crime scenes for physical evidence, performing Forensic DNA Analysis, bloodstain pattern interpretation and providing expert witness testimony in criminal cases such as homicides, cold cases, sexual assault investigations, property crimes and even animal cruelty. Additionally, he is an Instructor of Forensic Science at SJSU and three junior colleges in the Bay Area. He holds a BS in Forensic Science and a BS in Chemistry from the University of New Haven in Connecticut.

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