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Maureen Byrne

Sr. Product Manager

Don’t Mess with My Sephora Points! Keeping Private Data Secure in the Cloud


You go to the mall and walk into Sephora. You click on an iPad to access your Sephora account, and think: How does Sephora keep my points and account safe? How do they know what products I might like? How do they securely allow me to check out from a mobile device?
Working for a cloud security company, your data and privacy is our most important concern. I work with several retailers to manage customers data and keep it secure. Bringing products to market, that customers love, requires many steps. Come find out how companies like Sephora bring products to market, keep your data secure and provide a great user experience, that keeps customers like you, coming back!

Meet the Speaker:

My name is Maureen Byrne. I have been a Product Manager for over 5 years. Product Management is a creative role where I get to solve problems in interesting ways and bring them to market. It involves engineering, business, communication, negotiation and persuasion skills. Prior to this role I was a software developer. I graduated from University in Ireland with a Masters in Engineering, and knew I wanted to be in Silicon Valley, because this was the hub of where the excitement and new innovation was happening.
I live in Los Altos with my family, I have two children in LAHS and one in Santa Rita Elementary School. I love to cook, hike and zumba.

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