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Melissa Schirmer



Making drugs safe and effective.


Clinical trials help us bring new, safe medical products to market- and it takes a great deal of work to make that happen. Come listen to some of the history and components of clinical trials. This important testing strategy enables the development of useful drugs, medical devices and diagnostic tests that advance medical practice.

Meet the Speaker:

Melissa is a bay area local who is passionate about advancing the maternal fetal medicine field with quality research. Her academic passion was immunology, and through her interest in medical research she found her way to obstetrics research at UCSF. She's managed basic science laboratories, maternal fetal medicine clinical research studies, perinatal databases, and now clinical trials for a private genetic testing company. Her master's work in Management Science & Engineering included modeling, data management, communication studies, negotiation, and now she uses those skills in the world of clinical trial management. She hopes to continue to focus on maternal fetal medicine to further our ability to improve pregnancy to bring wonderful babies into this world.

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