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Philip Saneski

VP of Product


From Trash to Treasure: Upcycled Food Waste is Worth Billions for Businesses


The United Nations estimates we waste 40% of the food grown in our country. Paradoxically, our food supply is eroding and global population booming. What can you do to better align the food we eat with the planet we love.

Come meet Philip Saneski, VP of Product and Commander-in-Chef for ReGrained, a mission-driven food startup that leverages culinary science principles with technology to manufacture an ingredient with multiple health benefits that the world historically considers waste. Chef Phil will talk about the circular food economy of ReGrained, his role within the compang, as well as his career journey thus far as a restaurant chef, food scientist, and entrepreneur.

Meet the Speaker:

Philip Saneski is the VP of Product and Commander-in-Chef of ReGrained, a mission-driven brand ingredient platform that connects urban craft breweries to sustainable food systems. Philip’s culinary background in Michelin-Star and James Beard Award finalist kitchens was succeeded by working with food entrepreneurs' concept to commercialization at a product development consultancy, where he also led the launch of the Research Chefs Association Evolution of Food Waste product development student competition. His unique food background, involvement with non-profit impact organizations, curiosity about ingredients historically considered “waste,” and passion for formulating delicious products at scale make him a natural fit for ReGrained. As Commander-in-Chef, he oversees production, innovation, sourcing, culinary operations, food science and every opportunity to do a collaboration dinner popup.

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