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Renee Rashid

Software Engineer

Oculus (Facebook)

Computers tracking your every move! Creepy or awesome? Come see for yourself!


Have you ever experienced virtual or augmented reality through a headset/goggles? Did you know that the computer is tracking your every move? That's the only way to make the experience so real and compelling! Find out why and how we place you in a virtual environment. See how different technologies are used to give you the experience that you are completely immersed in a different world.

Meet the Speaker:

Renee Rashid has a Masters in Computer Science with a focus on Computer Graphics. She loves working in computer graphics because it is the confluence of art and computer science. She has spent more than 15 years working in various industries pursuing her passion for graphics, including animation, science research, health care, education, design, and now VR. Renee wants to push the envelope in VR beyond gaming and entertainment to travel, education, and productivity.

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