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Scarlet Shore

Project Lead, Project Baseline


New Frontiers of Science: Pushing the Limits of How Humanity Understands and Treats Disease


The Project Baseline study is an initiative to collect information from a diverse group of people and monitor how it changes over time. Then we'll compile that data into a digital platform (like Google Maps for health), develop powerful tools to search and analyze data within the platform, and grant access to qualified researchers. This unique partnership between academia, medicine, and technology equips the project to do all this with incredible depth, breadth, and quality. The possibilities are wide-ranging—from finding a cure for cancer to being able to predict and prevent heart attacks.

Meet the Speaker:

Scarlet Shore is the Project Lead of Project Baseline at Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences). Project Baseline is an initiative to map of human health through the development of next-generation tools and technologies for collecting, organizing and activating health information. Scarlet has spent her career working at the intersection of science, technology and business innovation. She came to the San Francisco Bay Area from New York City, where she was involved in diverse entrepreneurial ventures including developing Manhattan's first life science park, co-founding the city's largest urban farm, and creating a restaurant in partnership with Tom Colicchio. Scarlet graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

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